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Walcek Associates provides contracting services for the following computer related areas:

Utilizing, but not limited to, the following:

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(web page links indicate web site involvement; some companies are no longer in business)

DynaChip Corporation - 11/96 to 1/99
Design/Production Layout for Datasheets, Handbooks, Application Notes, CD Production, Marketing foils, Web publishing/HTML.
(408) 481-3100, Eric Fleischman x144, Zéev Wurman x121, Cheri Quitoriano x122
International Network Services (INS) - 10/98 to 5/01
PowerPoint graphic illustrations for course development.
(408) 542-0100
Ted Kopczynski (408) 542-0275
C-Cube Microsystems - 11/98 to 3/00
Graphic illustrations/block diagrams.
via sub-contract to:
[Communication Concepts
Dieter Rathjens
(408) 873-1414)]
Legato Systems - 10/97 to 5/00
Graphics and compatibility consulting for the Curriculum Development department
Gail Tiberi, Nancy Howe, Patrick Cahill, Janet Ilacqua (650) 842-9357
Synthesis Solutions - 4/97 to 6/97
Graphic design and business card layout.
Karl Pfalzer (650) 431-6429
Moscape Inc. - 6/98 to 6/99
Design, layout and pre-press for Design Automation Conference (DAC).
Mike Ingster (408) 499-7987
(408) 275-1292
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. - 1/98 to 4/02
Graphics and PowerPoint foils for Consulting Services Marketing, Design Courses, Sales Kit CD Production
(800) 862-4522, (408) 943-1234, Mary Murphy x2964, Kent Jaeger x2216, Lorée PopeJoy, Robert Rouland x2718, Cyndie Zikmund x4008
I-Cube Inc. - 5/93 to 3/01
Design/Production Layout for Corporate Identity, Datasheets, Handbooks, Application Notes and Web pages.
(408) 341-1888
Sean Long x163, Connie Can x120, Claus Stetter x195, Kim Zimmerman x146
3Com Corporation - 7/96 to 10/97
Graphic illustration for Education Services course development.
(408) 764-5000
Don Hines x5864
Vincent Wilkins x1499, Steve Larson x5046, Barbara Milligan x6295, Mary Carvalho x5883
Synplicity - 9/96 to 11/96
PowerPoint marketing foils, video image and sound capture for multimedia marketing presentation CD.
Alisa Yaffa (650) 961-4962
Sequoia Health Services - 11/96 to 1/97
Web Site Development and Layout for the Sleep Disorders Center at Sequoia Hospital.
(650) 367-5188, Dr. Votteri, Al Reichert
nFX Corporation - 2/94 to 5/94
Design/Production Layout for Designer software packaging.
(408) 748-9200, Mary Ong
San Mateo Adult School - 2/95 - 11/96
Beginning, intermediate and advanced Adobe Illustrator classes; beginning Windows and DOS classes.
(650) 340-2700, George Robinson, Tom Jung
Intel Corporation - 7/89 to 5/93
Technical illustrations for users/maintenance guides and reference manuals.
(408) 765-7908, Joe Holman
[via sub-contract to:
Communication Concepts
Dieter Rathjens
(408) 873-1414]
International Microsystems Inc. (IMI) - 9/93 to 12/93
Design/Production Layout for marketing product brochure.
(408) 942-1001, Thomas Patrick Tierney III
Monolithic Memories Inc. (MMI) - 6/86 to 3/88 (bought by AMD)
Setup/serviced an AppleTalk network for technical documentation group; Design/Production Layout for FAE presentation foils, Reference Manuals, User Guides and Workbooks.
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) - 3/88 to 9/92
Serviced a growing AppleTalk network for technical documentation group; Design/Production Layout for Logic Macrocell Library, Datasheets, Handbooks, Application Notes, and Reference Manuals.
(408) 987-2844, Bryon Moyer
WaferScale Integration, Inc. (WSI) - 8/89 to 2/92
Technical illustrations for in-house manuals.
(510) 657-8495, Promad Korwar x260
Hermalinda Hinojos, x277
MasPar Computer Corporation - 10/90 to 1/91
Photographed assembly of, and then completed technical illustrations for their Parallel Disk Array Enclosure documentation.
(408) 873-1414, Van Halsema Editions
Borland - 4/94
Design/Production Layout for User's Guide and Reference Guide.
[via sub-contract to:
Communication Concepts
Dieter Rathjens
(408) 873-1414]
Electronicast Corporation - 7/89 to 12/93
123/Excel Macro programming; Design/Production Layout for System Manuals.
(650) 572-1800, Jeff Montgomery
Joyce Montgomery
National Semi Conductor Inc. (NSC) - 2/84 to 4/86
Technician/Linear Design Group
Constructed/tested linear circuit designs; produced preliminary data sheets; computer programming; SPICE/SNAP circuit simulation; semiconductor design plot layouts/color keys; printed circuit board layout.

1981 to 1983 College of San Mateo, CA
Associate of Science - Electronics Technology
1973 to 1976 Mount San Antonio College
Walnut, CA
Associate of Science - Respiratory Therapy
1969 to 1970 University of California at Santa Barbara, CA
Major: Mathematics

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